Our Founders

Lance Wolbransky has been immersed in the field of technology for over 18 years. He is the founder of LA Digital Works, Inc., and co-founder of Hybrid Logic Media, LLC. Due to his diverse background, Lance has the ability to develop unique and functional technology solutions for virtually any type of business. His background consists of Telephony, Application Programming, IT Solutions, and Web Technologies. Combined with his ever-growing love for business, Lance has molded himself to become the go-to guy for business technology consulting.

Andrew Erie, co-founder of Hybrid Logic Media, LLC., has been designing functional websites for the past 10 years  Starting before the age of dynamic driven content, Andrew spent a majority of his early years developing the ability to build easy to use and aesthetically pleasing web designs. With the growing popularity of Flash, Andrew quickly learned the potential Flash had to offer to web presentation. As the industry moved towards more graphically rich and database-driven content, Andrew found his calling. Teaming up with Lance, Andrew quickly learned how to incorporate design and dynamic function into simple and effective interfaces. Always looking for the next trend of technology, he is constantly pushing the limits that technology and design have to offer.