Soolip Wedding iPhone App


Today we received approval from apple on the Soolip Wedding app, which will be avaiable in the App Store on May 3rd. Hybrid Logic is honored to have been the selected firm to work closely with Soolip Republic, Wanda Wen, and her design team to develop their new wedding Inspiration board application. This application presented allot of fun challenges that we worked hard to provide functional solutions for. The massive image library downloads in the background while the app is in use, and once downloaded is available as offline content. We also created a dynamic masking system where the user can mask images based on different shapes and layouts to develop unique inspiration boards moving away from those cookie cutter square box solutions. The application also possesses the ability for real time image library updates, where new images can be added and instantly download to active devices for use in the application. We wish everyone on soolip much success with their new iPhone Application!


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